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Seven Deadly Sins Meme

Journal Entry: Mon Sep 24, 2012, 6:55 PM


[ ] You carry a mirror eveywhere.
[ ] You carry beauty supplies everywhere.
[ ] You put others down.
[ ] You flaunt or brag about yourself.
[ ] The only topic that intrests you is you.
[ ] You don't listen to other's problems.
[ ] You wear booty shorts.
[ ] You wear makeup.
[x] You enjoy attention.
[/] You like to do things YOUR way and YOUR way only. (sometimes, if I know what I'm doing is the right way anyways >>)

TOTAL: 1.5


[x] You feel negative about your body image.
[x] You don't have a lot of money.
[ ] You don't have good grades.
[x] You're insecure.
[x] Your living conditions aren't the best.
[x] You cry a lot.
[x] You are bullied.
[x] You've never been in a real relationship or have been in a bad one.
[x] You don't attract all the guys.
[ ] You think everyone else has better things.



[x] You eat a lot.
[ ] You always get more that what you need.
[x] You always have snacks around your house.
[x] You drink a lot.
[ ] You always have a granola bar or something in your purse.
[x] You hide food.
[ ] You binge-eat.
[ ] You are normally warm.
[x] You can crack a lot of your bones.
[ ] You often say, "I'm starving.... :cccc".



[ ] You are very sexually active.
[x] You have had three or more boyfriends.
[ ] You wear matching bras and underwear.
[ ] You wear a lot of makeup.
[x] You have fetishes.
[ ] You have looked up porn.
[ ] You are a fan of Yaoi/Yuri.
[ ] You are not a virgin.
[x] You have '"fantasized".



[ ] You have not had a real relationship.
[x] You go to anger management classes/used to.
[x] You have to take special pills.
[x] You are aggressive.
[x] You hate someone.
[x] You have hurt someone - physically or mentally.
[x] You back-talk people.
[x] You have gotten detention before.
[x] You get into fights - verbal or physical.
[x] You are strong.


[ ] You are wealthy.
[ ] You often buy things.
[x] You WANT instead of NEED.
[ ] You have expensive things.
[ ] You put yourself before others.
[/] You can tend to be a little rude. (only sometimes)
[ ] You don't try to save money.
[ ] You own more than two cars.
[ ] You own more than two credit cards.
[ ] You always have to look the best.

TOTAL: 1.5


[x] You don't do gym in school/ don't try in gym.
[ ] You don't have the best grades.
[x] You procrastinate.
[ ] You go to bed at ten p.m. and sleep until 12 a.m.
[/] You often take naps. (I used to, but not a lot anymore)
[/] You fall asleep in classes. (only sometimes)
[x] You're often called lazy.
[ ] You don't participate on class.
[ ] You do the minimum amount of work.
[x] You seldom go to church. (Um..... I don't know how that is lazy considering I am an atheist but mkay)


Wrath- 9
Envy- 8
Gluttony/Sloth- 5
Lust- 3
Greed/vanity- 1.5

And there you go, my sins 8D in the order of which ones I 'commit' the most
I don't know if this is actually a 'meme' but..... I cant find the full version :\ person I stolen it from doesn't usually post the rules or anything

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